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all diffrent over bumps are Q: skin for itchy What Salves dogs



  • all diffrent over bumps are Q: skin for itchy What Salves dogs
  • Blue Buffalo gets slammed by a shit storm of new lawsuits
  • Amy K. Nichols is…
  • ALL SECTIONS And 75 per cent of dogs diagnosed with dermatological issues suffer depression decreased appetite, and interacting less with other dogs. Allowing a dog to continue to itch and scratch can lead to skin damage . Advertising terms · Fantasy Sport · Voucher Codes · Modern Slavery. A practical guide to treating skin infections, skin allergies and All natural treatment approach. "title": "Natural approach to treatment and prevention of arthritis in dogs", The logical question Our dogs are no different than humans. will be visibly different, hair may be missing or there may be bumps. In all cases however, we recommend that you seek the advice of a Lumps or bumps that develop in the skin and underlying muscle or bone of If this is the case it may be that your cat or dog has an ear infection They normally spread rapidly to other organs and lymph nodes Ask another question.

    all diffrent over bumps are Q: skin for itchy What Salves dogs

    He took just four doses and then showed additional pain in his hind quarters, severe vomiting and diarrhea. We immediately stopped the Deramaxx and consulted with his vet. The vet treated it as gastroenteritis, stating it must be coincidental to his previous injury.

    Rascal kept getting worse and he was referred to emergency care. I kept telling the vets that he was healthy before the injured leg and the treatment for that.

    It never occurred to me that he would be prescribed something unsafe. He was hospitalized and further subjected to many blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, some of which required sedation, as we tried to find out the cause of his illness. The vomiting gave way to regurgitation and severe inflammation of his esophagus.

    He then started showing severe pain in his spine and neck and the specialist he was seeing wanted to sedate him and perform an MRI and spinal tap for meningitis. I put a stop to it. I did not think he would make it through the test.

    It was heart-breaking to see how he was suffering and we were too. I asked the vet how he would be treated for meningitis and was told with antibiotics and steroids. I am not a fan of steroids but they really helped another dog I had without issues.

    We requested he be treated with steroids and continue on antibiotics. I am happy to say he is back to his old self. I just received a letter of from a Novartis Vet Novartis manufactures Deramaxx offering us some reimbursement for some of the tests. This whole ordeal was extremely costly and put us in debt.

    What an amazing recovery. As I was reading your comment I thought it was going to have a very sad and all too familiar ending. As awful and heartbreaking as it is, others will find it helpful, both as a warning and also the useful information about steroids to help with the inflammation caused by the deramaxx. I am so sorry you and your dog went through this. Wow, what an ordeal for Rascal. So happy after all he went through that he is back to his old self. Rascal is lucky to have such caring owners.

    So sorry it has put you in debt all because all that horrible Deramaxx medication. All the best to Rascal. I am sorry to hear of your loss of your companion and the expense you went through to wind up in arrears. As you should well know, no one can save a person bent on self-destruction from destroying themselves! Just look at today. This unconstitutional idea was cooked up in a meeting on Jekyl Island, Georgia.

    We have let our leaders convince us to trade liberty for safety which is impossible! I bet you are wondering what the above has to do with Duramaxx, so let me explain.

    The drug industry was made to produce non narcotic drugs which are called N. Aleve is a classic example of an N. Aspirin is often called the King of the N. If your vet did not set your dog up for blood tests when the Duramaxx was prescribed there may be some question of malpractice as N. This requires a constant monitoring of the system to check for damage to these vital organs through blood tests. All Vets are knowledgeable about this unless they printed their own diplomas! The bottom line is that both humans and animals manufacturer their own pain relieving drugs.

    Usually that is morphine. When the body is injured the brain releases morphine and other pain relieving chemicals to take care of the injury. Runners and other atheletes get a release of these chemicals when they are undergoing a heavy activity. It is used in animals and people when they think they are in danger.

    As we can only manufacturer so much a prolonged injury requires more natural chemicals than the body can manufacturer. It is simple commom sense to supplement the body with the very chemicals that are natural but the drug laws prevent this.

    If doctors and people had risen up to stop these power hungry politicians from passing laws that take our rights and just provide our country with a National Defense as prescribed in the U. Constitution, and not created totally Unconstitutional Cabinent posts our dogs might well be alive, today!

    If we acted like our forefathers these weasels would never have been allowed to take our Rights as they have. As you can see they have screwed up the Federal and State systems to a point that we may perish as the Greatest Country in the World.

    If you or a loved one are prescribed a drug, research it before ingesting. Hopefully the stories and advice shared here are helping make people aware of the possible dangers in these medications we trust so quickly.

    Thank you for sharing yours. As a man of 65 years of age I believe that you can understand that a piece of your heart is taken when you lose your best friend. When a vet does not disclose all of the facts and warning signs that must be given with every prescription, that unnecessarily premature death is much worse.

    Sadly it happens every day to hundreds of people.. When I got totally conflicting reasons for the same outcome on my dogs I became very angry and began to study the excuses, not really reasons, that the vets gave.

    Having a background in human pain medicine, I had access to studies and articles that were not meant for the general public. After reading just a few, they made me sick!

    One article would promote the terrible side effects of N. I confronted the vets in question and showed them the articles and tests. The results were simple. After some of the lame answers I never went back to that vet again and told every canine owner about the damage that Deramaxx had done to my companions. I found that this really did no good as people in general wanted to believe their vet and were too busy lazy to research the drugs that were given to the people they loved,, much less, their pets!

    I think that the only way to to even put a dent in the over prescribing of deadly drugs is NOT to have prescriptions, period. Both doctors and vets are fully aware that prescriptions are the main reason that people come to see them. People are are programmed from birth that only doctors or medical techs can stitch up a slight tear or cut, draw blood for testing, usually outside the office or dispense drugs.

    I once ask a Medical teacher why it should be necessary for doctors to prevent civilians from dispensing drugs of any kind and instead just go to the doctor for expert advice. I was harshly told that doctors would go broke if anyone could buy what they wanted and with the Drug Law, we were saving people from themselves. I found it humorous that anyone could possibly think that it was possible to save anyone from them self.

    The real truth was found in the first answer of profit! Sadly, our laws have us learning disinformation to justify many beliefs. People that abuse drugs, alcohol, or any other mind altering drug is in a class called. Those of us who are fortunate to own computers can look up everything about drugs and their interactions with other drugs as any doctor or vet and it is my strongest advise that we do so.

    Living in a world of misinformation and disinformation, it becomes a necessity. Amy, your keeping this web up has probably saved a very large number of animals. You should be very proud of yourself as you have contributed to the education of those people who are willing to learn and care enough about their companions to research the drugs they are giving them.. Kim, I am really sorry for what you and your best friend are going through. At the beginning of March my lab — coonhound mix was prescribed Deramaxx due to a limp in his hind leg.

    After just 3 doses, he was vomiting uncontrollably even after trying to drink water. My husband and I spent the night at an emergency vet clinic where he was given a shot to settle his stomach and I was sent home with 3 tablets to give him over the next 3 days to ensure his stomach would stay settled.

    I immediately discontinued the Deramaxx but the damage was done. He continued to go downhill and within 3 weeks was dead. Luckily I was with him when he died in my arms, but I know Deramaxx started his downward curve. I know time heals the heart, but his personality was huge and there is an emptiness in our home that is every bit as huge as his personality. I wish you peace of mind and heart as you mourn the fate of your sweet girl. Same age and everything.

    I apologize for an extremely overdue response to your comment. I wonder how she is, if she was able to recover, and if the acupuncture helped. I feel that way, too. I am going to request that for my dog.

    She only took this horrific drug for days before I stopped giving it to her. She is so lethargic and will not eat. I am feeding her with a syringe full of baby rice cereal. She is a 7 year old lab who still acted like a puppy before this.

    I am so devastated by finding out that this drug did this to her. The vet has given her two rounds of sub q fluids and antibiotics and told me it causes gastro upset and I should give her an antacid. None of that is helping. I will try as a last resort to save her to put her on antibiotics and steroids.

    I am so sad that she may die at the hands of the people that are supposed to heal her. Have they checked her abdominal cavity for bleeds? And her liver and kidney levels? You can get milk thistle at health food stores. I hope your dog can be saved! What dosage were these dogs on daily? Did anyone discontinue using dermaxx then.

    In a couple weeks try it again in smaller doses? It was 25mg once daily. Does anyone know what can be given for knee pain. My Terrior mix Zoe 10y has been on Deramaxx for 2 months now. I was just trying to save up for her second knee surgery and thought this would buy me some time.

    Also, can you just stop giving it or do you have to wein them off. Any suggestions would be much appreciated…. You shouldnt need to wean her off Deramaxx. Two months is a long time. Also, some dogs do benefit from the medication, which may be the case with Zoe.

    Every dog is different. As for alternatives, the only medication I know of is Rimadyl, which also carries risk. And therapies include acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Wishing her the best! I have 3 dogs, two Belgian Shepherds, one Bichon and a cat. Currently the Bichon is on Deramaxx prescribed by my long standing veterinarian whom I trust completely for arthritic or trauma in her lower back.

    That, in no way means your feelings about Deramaxx are unfounded. It means Deramaxx had a negative effect on your beloved Holly. If you like I can keep you posted as to how LollyPup, my Bichon improves. Holly was perfectly healthy. She pulled a muscle I was playing fetch with her when it happened , she was prescribed Deramaxx, and in a matter of days, she bled out on my living room floor.

    Have you ever experienced that? Have you experienced that kind of grief and guilt? Then maybe you should THINK before submitting such a smug and self-satisfied comment in response to my post and my pain. It does for some. Read up on it. Did you know there was a class action lawsuit against Novartis because of the number of dogs dying from Deramaxx?

    Do you remember people dying from Vioxx? This is essentially the same medication. Do you know why? Because he lost a dog to it, too. Despite your niceties, you obviously lack sympathy for me and the others here who have had dogs die untimely and needless deaths due to this medication. I wish your dog good health and a long life. Amy, Thank you for responding to vstarguys comments. You are so much better expressing your thoughts and feelings than I am.

    I was totally floored by his comments. I hope he never has to experience the pain that all of the people here have felt. It is something that you never get over. Many people here know what you have gone through and we are very sorry for your loss. I am so sorry about Holly.

    You can add our dog Allie to the list who died from Deramaxx. It happened in I am still very much bothered by it. She had trouble going upstairs, so the vet prescribed Deramaxx. Just 3 days later, she was bleeding from her intestines. It was so needless. I think of how much she suffered and it makes me so angry. I told my vet that I believed it was the Deramaxx. He thinks it was just a coincidence.

    I know how you feel, especially about still being bothered by it. Thank you for posting your story here for others to read. I am now totally petrified to give her any of this medicine. The vet already pulled 3 of her teeth without consent from me or my boyfriend after being told not to. What else can a small jack Russell be given for pain from being spade and unplanned teeth extractions.

    She is 6 years old and weighs So glad I checked this first, she will absolutely not be taking this medication! Travel prevented me from approving your comment sooner. How is she doing? Are you able to see another vet? I hope Chloe is recovering well! I dont like this medicine i had to put my dog down to day he started taking it saturday and gone wensday i wish i had known better i sure dont wont any one to ever use deramaxx on there pet please nust dont use it!!!!

    I wish it had met happened to any of us. Thank you for adding your voice here. I am so very sorry. Words will not make you feel any better. Just know you did what you thought was good and helping your baby. I made the same mistake.

    I found this information too late. I hope you find peace,. The vet told me she needed to stay overnight so she could sew her up it was already 4pm , so I left her there. I had NO idea she was even going to give Dixie Deramaxx!!

    I got a call the next morning telling me that my dog had died! I left her overnight in their care just to get her paw sewn up, she was fine when I left her and the next morning the vet tells me that she was dead in her kennel with bloody vomit and bloody diarrhea everywhere! Later when I went to pick up her body she said she had forgotten to tell me they gave her Deramaxx too. I went home and looked Deramaxx up online and found many stories of dogs dying and found that some dogs had serious reactions to Deramaxx and had bloody vomit and diarrhea.

    She told me not to believe everything you read online. She thinks Dixie died from a delayed reaction to the bee stings!!! How does that explain the bloody vomit and diarrhea!??? Dixie never had any bloody diarrhea or vomit before I took her to the vet and she acted fine, not in pain or anything.

    I wish I had never taken her there, I feel responsible for her death, she was the sweetest dog ever, she deserved so much better! I would report her to whatever certification board licenses vets in your state. My guess based on what you wrote is that it was the Deramaxx. It eats a hole in the duodenum. Shepherd breeds have a higher likelihood of lacking the gene that allows them to metabolize the medication correctly. That vet said the same things my bet said.

    Christina, I am so sorry this happened to your dog. I am so sorry for everyones loss. It has been 8 months since my Ella died. I am having a horrible time managing and moving on. I urge everyone to take the time to report what happened to your pet to the company.

    The more people who report it, hopefully Deramaxx will get pulled from the market. Have your vets send in the reports and all the medical information.

    I did it hoping to help save another pet for not going through what Ella suffered for. Thanks for the info, I can feel your pain. On Friday December 7 , my dog went to the vet as she had sore ears and she hurt her paw so the vet put Shelby our sheltie on dermaxx one half for five days I gave her the one half on Friday night and not to long after she was not herself on Saturday morning I gave her another one and again after the pill she was not herself she started panting more than she does and would not eat so I sad to my husband im not going to give her those pills any more all sunday she had the poos all night and the smell would make you sick so I gave her machine that I had hear from Doctor Goodpet for the poos and in the morning gave her a little food as she wanted to eat here hoping that she comes back if I had not read the reviews on line I may not of had my Shelby this morning.

    My vet, whom I have trusted implicitly over the years, put him on Deramaxx. After months of being on it, and me stupidly not putting two and two together with gradual loss of appetite and increased drinking and urination, I finally took him in and his renal and liver functions are elevated. So the damage is done…whether or not he will level out now that he is off of it remains to be seen. Did he offer any suggestions for trying to reverse the damage?

    A previous commenter here Chet used milk thistle to help her dog who had liver problems from Deramaxx. Here is a link with info: I hope and pray your dog makes a full recovery! Thank you for sharing his story here. And thank you for your kind words. I have done some Pro Se litigating and have won. It is not all that hard to be a lawyer. Like doctors, lawyers try to hide information and computer filings from the public.

    Both doctors and lawyers use a dead language called Latin to try and confuse you and make you think you need them. I have lost three dogs to that deadly N. You definitely need to get other opinions from other vets. I am betting in every case the answer is yes. Ask them if there is blood work involved and how often. The answers you will receive should make up your mind on your next move.

    Always look up any drug any one you love takes to find out the side effects and only trust yourself and close family. Please remember, if you let people get away with hurting your best friend, they will continue to hurt others. Please write Amy to thank her for financing this site as she is doing a great deed by exposing the poisons that are given to people and pets I am very sorry that you had to join this club.

    We must all try to spread the word and maybe save others from this heartache.. Rimadyl killed my sheltie which is in the same class as Dermaxx. He vomited blood for days before his death.

    Vet would not believe that Rimadyl was the cause. This vet did nothing to help him. In any event people need to know what these anti-inflammatories do to our dogs. They took the shit off of the market for humans due to serious side effects and then gave it to the vets for our animals. All comes down to Big Pharma continuing to poison us and making money at doing it. Did you know that Coumadin, a blood thinner is actually arsenic. Did you know that you can safely take vitamin E and have the same blood thinning effects that you are trying to get with taking Coumadin?

    Ask for safer alternatives. Carol, thank you for your bold statements and for sharing your story and experience. Thank you for adding your voice. My sympathies for the loss of your dog. Have you thought of using one of the petition generating websites to gain public support in this matter? Here are the websites: You can look around a bit on these sites to see how other people have approached it. If you decide to start one, please post a link here so all those who have commented can sign it.

    Lisa, thank you for this. Amy, I just came across your post when I was researching hypothyroidism in dogs. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beloved Holly! I have tears for you and know how much our dogs mean to us! They are our family,our babies, and we will do everything to help them when they are not acting just right!

    Tara, our 12 year old Bearded Collie was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I am concerned with the dosage that she is on…I have thypothyroidism and she is on a much stronger dose than I am on. I know that she is a dog and there is a difference in drugs but I am trying to learn as much as I can to make sure that she is getting the right treatment,etc.

    We go back to her vet in a month to recheck her blood count,T4 to make sure that her cholesterol has gone down and she is on the right dosage.

    She is on Thyro Vet, 0. I hope that the love that you had for Holly has doubled for Hannah. Again,I am so sorry that you had to lose Holly in such a tragic way and that everyone who sees your post will follow their gut and question the drugs that their animals are given the same way that they question their own Doctors!

    I really appreciate your kind comments. Unfortunately, we recently lost Hannah to what appears to have been a pancreatic tumor. Hopefully the dosage of her medication is correct and helping. Thank you for reaching out. Amy, I am so pleased that you have posted warnings about Deramaxx, unfortunately we read them too late.

    Our beloved 9 yr old yellow lab, Bert, went in for routine knee surgery, was very healthy, and his blood work was perfect. He even came home healthy and was doing extremely well… Then he stopped eating…Bertie never turned down food.

    After numerous calls to the vet we even tried sweet potatoes and baby food. Like you my husband and I are kicking ourselves for continuing to give him that poison…Deramaxx. I swear he was trying to tell us with his eyes that it was killing him.

    He refused to take it that last day. Btw my vet claimed no way it was the Deramaxx, well then tell me ,what the hell made a healthy dog die in my arms???? It breaks my heart that you are going through this. My vet said the same thing, too, when I told him I thought it was the Deramaxx making Holly sick. From what I understand, the result of the class action lawsuit against Novartis was language being added to the drug literature telling vets to do proper monitoring while the dog is on the med, and to provide a stomach-coating med with it to avoid the ulcerating effects of the drug.

    Thank you for sharing your story here, though. It does help others. This post gets hundreds of hits every day. So people are reading and learning about the dangers of this medication. Wishing you healing and peace.

    My cat of just a year has been on deramex he had a 5 day cause of it as he had a limp in his back leg but the last couple of days he been off his food and has been hiding under my bed still limps and I rang vets tonight to say I was concerned and I have to take him back in morning but I am telling him strait that he is not having any more deramex and I want him sorted. I am working myself silly now I am going to loose him he is only a baby still.

    I have a severly ill Cavalier who just got out of the hospital after 5 days because the vet gave him 6 days of this poison. We started our dog on Deramaxx on Friday July 3. We said goodbye to him yesterday only 6 days after starting Deramaxx. Granted, he was 12 and had his share of health problems over the years previously had two types of cancer, cushings disease, blindness from SARDS , but I do believe the Deramaxx led to his accelerated death.

    He was stable with his other ailments no signs of cancer for a couple of years and regularly had checkups and vet visits as recently as the last couple of weeks. On Monday I noticed he was bleeding from his face. On Tuesday, we went for our nightly walk and he was moving much slower than normal. When we got home he was circling and restless. He then opened his mouth and it was bleeding. We brought him to the ER and they said it was likely low platelets causing ITP and they admitted him, saying he likely would recover.

    He was stable on Wednesday morning. They did chest X-rays and an ultrasound and they were clear. By Wednesday evening we were told he significantly declined. His mouth was bleeding profusely and his stomach was all bruised, and he was showing signs of bleeding in the brain that was causing neurological issues. We put him down on Thursday. Is there any way to fight back against Novartis? He was our whole life and our home and hearts are completely empty now.

    Tuesday morning, July 28th, our beautiful Rottweiler, Kasey, became another Deramaxx death statistic! I feel your pain…like October was yesterday. Maybe this will help ease the pain: Be well and cry often. My loving friend also died on Deramaxx, just last Friday. The one thing I do not understand is the vet does blood work every 6 mons. Why did they NOT see the liver damage. Not sure who to blame. My heart is broken. Do I still go to that vet? I have 2 new puppies.

    It seems like 6 months may have been too long to go between checks for liver function. After Holly died, there was no way I could go back to that vet. I still struggle the times I have to drive past the clinic. We found a new vet, and met with him first to explain where we were coming from. I hate that it continues to happen.

    Derrmaxx killed my Big Boy tonight. I wrote the summary below last night to post on Facebook because Zeus has been buddies with many of my friends and I wanted to keep them updated. So we told him good bye and buried him on the back of our property. Ive had a lot of people asking about our Zeus but have been too busy to write it all down but here is the long but summarized story. I took him to the ER vet that night but he perked back up and after speaking to one of the techs I brought him home.

    The ER vet looked him over and gave him food which of course he had to prove momma wrong and eat. He said the best course is to let his vet keep working with him since she had the history and could do the follow up. So I took him home, he had eaten and that made me feel a little better. At this point he had hardly moved from whatever spot he found when we brought him through the door from the trips back and forth.

    He would not get up to go outside unless he was lifted up and forced and on multiple occasions would lay there and pee himself. She decided to keep him overnight for possibly a couple nights and see if she could get his health up. She called mid day. The test came back good but he was severely dehydrated, IV fluids and keep watching was the plan.

    She called back a couple hours later. She had noticed him having trouble breathing so she redid the test and took an Xray. His stomach was full of fluid. She asked if she could die test to check his bladder. She had us come get him and transfer him to the ER vet so he would have a full staff to watch over him after the surgery. They found a hole where his stomach and intestine attach which caused him to get the fluid in his stomach thus causing peritonitis inflammation and infection of the inside of the entire abdominal cavity.

    The vet said the infection has weakened his entire intestine as well as the other organs within the stomach. They were able to repair the section where the hole was located however because of how weak his internal tissue is there is no guarantee the repair will last.

    We got him from the ER vet at 7: He has to be continually watched by doctors ready to reopen him at anytime and if he is reopened his chances of survival go down even more. So when his vet closed at 6 we took him back to the ER vet for the night and at 7: His incision now is close to 2 feet as it is the entire length of his stomach.

    This all started as a standard neuter and Deramaxx for post op pain medication but instead Deramaxx almost killed our big boy. Amanda, I am so, so sorry! What a horrific ordeal for Zeus and your family to go through. But you and the other grieving owners on this thread are in my prayers. I hate that this continues to happen. Thank you for sharing your story here. Maybe it will help keep it from happening to someone else. My very healthy and wonderful dog had ruptured a disc two years ago and had permanent damage to some of the nerves of her rear end.

    She was able to walk but was wobbly, as her back legs were weak. She responded well to acupuncture for a long time, but eventually the acupuncture had done as much as it could. I chose to have her engage in physical and hydro therapy.

    The vet at the clinic where she received this treatment put her on Deramaxx to control any inflammation due to arthritis in her hips. It was a horrible experience to go through and my heart is broken.

    At bedtime, she was fine and 2: Not understanding the seriousness of what was happening with my dog, I decided to keep her home until the prescribing vet could see her in the morning. She was dead 10 hours later. The vet who saw her that day said that absolutely nothing could have been done to change the course of what happened. I am absolutely, firmly convinced that the Deramaxx killed her. It should never have been prescribed for her anyway, given the meds she was already taking. I phoned the company and provided all the info I had concerning what happened.

    The company is obligated by law to report this to the FDA, and the company vet I talked with said he would be doing that. Nothing can fill the incredible void that her unnecessary death has left me with. Keller, your story is so similar to ours with Holly. Words are little help in the face of such heartache, I know. Thank you for sharing your story here and for reporting it to the company. My heart goes out to you.

    I would like to know if you think we might have had a chance to save her if we had taken her to the emergency vet clinic when her first symptoms began. The vet who saw her in the morning said that she had something that happened to her brain stem and that was what killed her.

    I wish I had found this blog before all this had happened as, if nothing else, I would have requested a necropsy. I have so many unanswered questions. One commenter here by the name of Chet saved her dog, but it was a very slow process. Some dogs are affected very quickly, some dying after a single dose.

    The drug does affect neural function Holly was very wobbly, as if drunk. It sounds your dog was severely impacted this way if the vet noticed. I hate that this still happens. Monday is the anniversary of losing Holly. Five years later it still tears me apart. Amy, I currently have my Grt Dane on Duramaxx. Before I read your and other stories I noticed a change in his behavior.

    He has arthritis, so perhaps the Tramadol will help. He gets pepcid before his meals. Thank you and all the others who posted the stories. My heart goes out to all of you for your loss. Thanks for your comment. You should ask your vet to check his liver and kidney numbers to see if heMs showing any toxicity. And I hope your vet listens to your concerns. Some dogs to well on the medicine, but others done. Wishing your dog good health and no ill effects from this drug.

    Julia, you might want to ask your vet for gabapentin Neurontin , which my dog was on and so am I. It also has no negative interactions with any of the other drugs I take to make my quality of life better. The more I learn, the more I am firmly, totally convinced that Deramaxx killed my beautiful dog and no one will ever make me change my mind. Thank you for sharing that info about gabapentin, Keller.

    I wish everyone whose dog was very ill or died would make it a practice to report it to the company that makes Deramaxx and also to the FDA. I have lived in this world for a long time 67 years and I am seeing more potent drugs hit the market.

    The worst seem to be Non-steriodial, anti inflamatory drugs, or N. S, of which Derramaxx is one of them. They are very profitable to the vet and keep the Gov. It is up to you to read up on the safety and in certain breeds Derramaxx can be good or a poison. It is the age we now live in. Sorry for the spelling but my computer has been hacked and I need to notify a lot of people. Lily, our year-old, lb bichon, started limping 6 weeks ago.

    In retrospect, we think she pulled something trying to jump onto the couch. But the symptoms were similar to the luxating patella our previous bichon had 19 years ago, which required surgery to fix. I administered daily, and we kept her from exercising vigorously. I have no doubt that deramaxx has caused adverse effects.

    But it does have beneficial effects when used cautiously, and in this case, it spared Lily from surgery — from which she might not have recovered.

    Unfortunately, though, for many of us we found out the hard way and too late that it can also be poison. Wishing your dog continued health. Our 11 year old lab, Mae, was in pretty good health when she began to develop some minor arthritis.

    She was prescribed Deramaxx which seemed like a miracle drug at first- energy! We had them removed, but within a week, she suddenly became gravely ill, in a matter of hours. She was rushed to emergency,and when our vet said she had no fever, etc.

    She died suddenly the next morning from internal bleeding, possibly from a ruptured gallbladder. When he called me, he sounded despondent and mentioned the Deramaxx. It seems like a small thing, but it will help others. I am saddened by each of the unfortunate experiences shared as a result of the negative reaction to Deramaxx. A common element of the responses leads to a breed specific reaction in many of the postings.

    Collie breeds are clearly represented. Demarex was prescribed to assist her post operative pain and inflamation reduction. Joie was 11 at the time of the amputation, and she remains vital, vigorous for her age now close to 14 years.

    I appreciate that there are adverse events due to medication. But there are many successes as well. I am sorry for your loss, painful and distressing. Hanging onto the negativity will not benefit you or her memory. Each animal we take into our lives enriches us.

    They have their lifespan, it does not match ours. I have learned to take each animal I take on as a gift, enjoy their life, do the best I can to keep them healthy, mourn their passing, and celebrate the gift given.

    How many dead dogs is too many? The drug helped your dog, so all others be damned? Do you realize this exact same thing happened with people? The drug was called Vioxx and it killed many. The FDA took the drug off the market when it was made clear it was dangerous. It caused the exact same damage as Deramaxx. It is the same drug. Well, except for yours. Given your logic, was it ok for people to die from Vioxx because it saved one?

    How many people dying is too many? Do you see how your argument falls apart? Try empathy for a change. I am tired of having to justify my anger over my dog being killed by this drug. I am tired of being told to move on, when my intention here is to help others. And I am tired of the profit-driven FDA that puts their greed ahead of patient safety.

    To watch your dog die a horrible death because of something you did is something I wish on no one. I can almost bet that not one person here was told that this drug could possibly kill their dog. I was just handed this medicine and sent on my way. When you lose a dog in this way it is something you never get over.

    I know that Anthony and others who have said similar things means well, but I have to agree with you, Janet and Amy. To lose a vigorous and healthy dog in such a horrific manner is not something that we will ever forget.

    I felt lost and relived that terrible trauma for a month. I, too was told nothing about this drug other than that she needed it to help with inflammation from her arthritis. Not right and and not acceptable. Sorry for the loss of all the canines here. All of my Dogs have had Deramax, none have died from it. I have had 4 Labs and a Pyrenees. One was killed by the complications of being hit by an unkown careless driver after she escaped her fence.

    A truck driver found her and she survived to live 6 more years with the help of Deramax for pain and then Morphine. One was killed by a snake and one by a blood disorder. I would say it has to do more with the dogs genetic predisposition than the medicine.

    I trully thank this family that lost Their pretty female baby Holly. To the horrible medicine Deramaxx. My God I cant tell you how much it hurt me as I was reading your message to us dog owners I have a little girl 2 year old terrier and tge same thing happened to my baby hurt her left back Leigh playing. Her last doctor told me tgat if she didnt get better that we could do some therapy better. And my deepest condolence. About your little girl Holly. And I thank you very very much for opening my eyes.

    Thank you for your kind words. Wishing her a full recovery and a long, happy life. We loose someone like your Holly. You may not be aware but Deramax is discontinued now and for reasons simular to causing complications to other pet patients like Holly.

    From what I understand there was a delay in production a couple of years ago, but it appears to still be on the market and available, at least in the US. If someone has current information showing otherwise, please share. Deramaxx was just prescribed to our Dog McGee two weeks ago. We have moved and had to take him to a new vet I was very hesitant to start him on it as he is a fairly healthy 13 year old lab, just has slowed down. I wish I would have read about the drug before I gave it to him, I would have never given it to him.

    I would get him to an emergency clinic right away. Pepcid and milk thistle can help. The vet may not believe you. It may be helpful to take along this blog or other stories as evidence. I will pray for McGee. Robyn, please take McGee to an emergency vet right away. Take this blog along and other stories as evidence if needed. Pepcid and milk thistle can help protect his digestive system and liver. If possible please let me know what happens. I have been given deramaxx for my 10 year old Rottweiler for her hips.

    Thank you for your article. Thank you and I am sorry for your loss.. Lots of love ps never ever buy Walmart meats boycot them their chicken wings were making me ill for a year till I figured out it was the wing meat was bad even if cooked well also a guy online has a video on YouTube of worms in the pork ribs if your reading this refer to my above info if your dog has had any symptoms like holly also anyonefeeding table scraps MUST read my above post SN with love. Thank you I am now aware of that drug.

    Deramaxx killed our beloved Rottweiler, Marley, in just 3 out of 14 doses. His intestines were ulcerated beyond repair causing him to become septic. It was 6 years ago today actually. We trusted our vet. I wish I had done more research before giving him the medication but never did I think our vet would do such a wreckless thing.

    Yesterday afternoon September 19, I took my 1 year old German Shepherd to the vet, because he was limping and the vet prescribed Deramaxx. I have been taking my pets to this Veterinarian for 15 years, so I really thought nothing about giving my dog this medication, so when we got home I gave him his first dose. The vet threw one on the floor for my Bear and he ate it when we got home next day I put one in his food bowl but he did not eat all day that evening I google dermaxx and ran across this site and went got the pill out of the dog bowl, my dog weighs pounds, he at 1 pound of dog food in 4 days, I finally scramble some eggs on the fourth day and mixed it up he started eating again the next day same thing by the 7 day he was back to eating.

    She told me I have lots of dogs take it with no problem, I said think about it, how many has died and you thought it was something else. I then sent her this site and we parted ways. Taking them with famotidine is a must. Thanks for the article. I do need to input that so far, 10 days, this has seemed to be a Godsend as it totally clears up his limp, relieves his pain, and makes him his same sweet self again.

    I will be asking for blood tests tomorrow thanks to you. I do have to ask, though, what do you for your dog to relieve his pain etc. So sorry for your loss and again, thanks for sharing. Some dogs do fine on it, which is great. It sounds like yours might be one of them.

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