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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Food intake and glycemic effects

Tincture Make Your Own CBD



  • Tincture Make Your Own CBD
  • How to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Quick Guide for Beginners
  • How to Dose and Use Cannabis Tinctures
  • Learn how to make a homemade cannabis CBD tincture for all of your aches and If you are interested in growing your own I recommend buying seeds from. Although high-quality CBD hemp oil tinctures are readily available and legal on the market today, many people investigating the benefits of CBD extract are. With a name like “green dragon,” you might think cannabis tinctures are not If you make your tincture with proof alcohol, you're looking at about 7 market if you are uncomfortable figuring out proportions on your own.

    Tincture Make Your Own CBD

    I made tincture but after leaving it awhile a very thin film of possibly oil covered the bottom of the jar. It came off gooey and black on tip of spoon but tan on bottom of jar. If it is oil likely I thought it was supposed to mix with the alcohol.

    So, what you can end up with would be a suspension, instead of a tincture but it will be only so much less effective. I think what I have ended up with is a water solution as I tried to strengthen it by evaporating the alcohol and the thc oil is not mixing with it. I guess there is nothing I can do to save it.

    However, I made some new tincture using the heat extraction method. I could see the small bubbles of alcohol during the heating and am now afraid that there is too much water and it may separate. Do you think the freezer method or heat extraction is best for making tinctures? There is nothing wrong with the first concentrate but if the liquid spent a good deal of time in a boiling water bath then all of the alcohol likely did evaporate leaving the insoluble THC unable to blend with the remaining water.

    Try to find Everclear or ask the salesperson to give you the strongest clear ethyl alcohol that they sell. If you can find proof then that will be optimal for reductions. It might take some swishing around the smaller amount of alcohol you use but it will renew that batch of Dragon for use. Put a teaspoon or two in a small tasty liquor drink like an irish creme and butterscotch schnapps to get a dose.

    Orally rather than sublingually it will come on more slowly because it must be metabolized rather than absorbed directly into the capillaries beneath the tongue. Just like if you boiled away all the water in a pot of salty cook solution leaving dried salt behind if you add more water you get salty water again, no harm, no foul.

    For your next reduction attempt I suggest using a much less aggressive water bath and perhaps even use a metal bowl over lower temperature but still hot F water on the stove like a double boiler. You WILL likely end up with a cloudy tincture the more you reduce but again none of those compounds are hazardous to your health.

    Its glycerin, plant proteins, some chlorophyll. Use a dark dropper bottle for storage and shake well before use and start with a quarter dropper held beneath the tongue for 30 seconds, mark the time and see how you feel.

    Wait 30 minutes to an hour before adding the second dose if you have questions about tincture strength. Hello, my mom recently got a prescription for her disc spine issue. Her bottle says to take a whole tincture under the tongue for 60 seconds.

    I assume it is the whole dropper correct? Or should she only be doing a few drops? She claims it makes her really dizzy and uncomfortable but it is CBD oil so it should not make her high. What should I do? She is very weary of the meds but I want her to get off the oxy for her leg pain…. Hello, I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am not an expert but I have done a lot of research and have a research science background. There are a few possibilities we have to rule out first.

    If so, she may have been suffering from hydro withdrawal and associated it with the tincture. Another possibility is that the tincture actually has a THC component. And finally, is your mom a teetotaler?

    This is a stretch, but if she is, the few drops of Everclear she downed with the dose may have gotten her a bit lightheaded! Hearing those answers would help narrow it down. WHENEVER you have tinctures of unfamiliar, unknown, or dissimilar potencies from different manufacturers the ONLY solution is to carefully and measuredly self-titrate starting well below the recommended dose for a given tincture.

    Unlike smoking, dosages and absorption rates for oral tinctures will depend HIGHLY, no pun intended, on the weight, metabolism, usage history, time and type of last meal, and other medications being used by the patient.

    So, the short answer is start slower. Is your mom small or a non-habitual user? Does she smoke herb recreationally? Has she used this exact tincture before? Try a quarter dropper and wait 45 minutes.

    If it ends up being cool at the smaller amount then good for everybody. But unless the vendor remains constant unfortunately in an unregulated industry tinctures will and can be highly variable but then again so can the quality of the trees around and available on any day. Remember start slowly and use as little as possible and it will go further. Good luck and one love. Thank you so much Craig! My mom does not use for recreational purposes ever and she is quite small, 5 foot.

    But I assumed since she is on a lot of oxy that it would be okay. I will tell her to lower the dosage. Well John if you start with a proof alcohol and do a slow reduction of the extract you will be evaporating both alcohol and some water over the F water bath or double boiler my preference is for the indirect heat and slow reduction of a double boiler.

    Because alcohol will evaporate more quickly than the water at that temperature the volume will reduce quickly. In this concentrated form it is meant for direct sublingual application or can be added by dropper to drinks or recipes. Taken by this route it wil be equally strong but come on more slowly with a much more stable plateau of absorption and thus physical response. It will be stronger, last longer and be less peaky.

    So this water bath u speak of? How does the water in the jar evaporate with the lid on? Additionally, I am a 25 yr user of cannabis. The principles surrounding this extraction are fairly simple and well understood chemically. THC is soluble at about. So, to your question. Of course it is lid off, you are trying to evaporate liquid to gas to reduce the amount of liquid in the jar—the ethanol plus some water that evaporates will leave its THC in the jar, concentrating the remaining solution.

    Indirect heat will allow a much more controlled reduction. Sorry for the long-winded answer and hope you have good luck. Here again if you have concerns. Without ventilation you are basically making a bomb.

    A glass pressure cooker. Or, mabye punch a hole or two in the lid? Just leave the lid off. Maybe poke a couple holes in the lid when you heat it to boiling like a teapot works though, you need that hole. It builds enough pressure to lift the weight and escape making a whistle. But if the holes are big enough I guess you could. Alcohol boils at a low temperature Hope you can help me. I want to make some medication for my mom. I believe tincture would be an ideal delivery system in order to get the healing properties of cannabis into her body.

    She is 82 years old, has never smoked anything in her life, and likes a cold beer on a hot summer day very, very occasionally. She believes in the power of cannabis medicine, however, because my sister and I have used it successfully on her twice in the past. Two applications of the oil made it disappear. Another time, Mama had lost the toenail on one of her big toes, hardly even feeling it due to her diabetic neuropathy.

    A few applications of oil on the nail bed and the nail had re-grown in record time. She was very pleased both times. The last batch of oil that we cooked very small batch , we mixed in some coconut oil, and we use it topically. It works on minor burns better than aloe every thought about! She is willing to try cannabis medication because she knows that the side effects will not physically harm her.

    Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. ALL parts of the cannabis plant were used for many types of medicines and there are many old medical references to its use in just about every country.

    Personally, I think that this makes sense for this particular plant which seems to have an endless list of possibilities. I would dry, chop well, and cover the whole plant with the highest proof alcohol you have access to. There will be some high there but not to the extent of the decarboxylated.

    Not sure of the dosage, maybe start with 5 drops under her tongue as noted in the article. Or use the other suggestion of adding the tincture to a drink or something else. Hi Renee, Thanks so much for your response. Do you recommend waiting six weeks in order for it to be stronger? Could it be used sooner than six weeks? The sooner she can start taking it, the better. Thanks again for responding to my query, and I truly appreciate any help you can offer. It will quickly heal it up.

    I recently made a cannabis salve for a woman suffering with a really bad cooking burn. It was raw like hamburger, horrific. Oh man, so many things I want to say. But let me really talk about the biggest issue here. I recently went through a rough patch and knew what the alcohol was going to do. But alcohol always was a magnifier. Made the negative thoughts worse. The doctor was a member of the church I went to in middle school and I was friends with his daughter. I went a couple years before trying it again.

    I took one hit at a party and got so dizzy I had to lay down. Fast forward to Marijuana is legalized here in Washington State. Laughing, zoned out on the couch, peaceful, easy going guy. I later found an interest in why people would choose heroin over pot of they do the same thing to you.

    I was always drunk when I did. My curiosity piqued and I did some research into Cannibis. I quickly learned my doctor back in high school had lied to me. What changed it all was education. So one day I was at a friends house and we were going to go to the bar. They just wanted to get out of the house. I offered to sell my weed to someone for beer money, and they said why not just smoke? I told them a condensed version of this story basically.

    They asked if I wanted to try some of their stuff instead and I agreed. But I got to thinking, I took 4 hits of that stuff and felt normal, but my body felt relaxed, almost resembling after I tried my Percocet after separating my shoulder a couple years ago. Still being a drinker I really only smoked after I got a good buzz. I was still nervous about THC.

    Then me and the ex split, and I knew the road I was going to take if I stuck with booze, so I decided one night while stoned, and a bit tipsy, I bought a camera. A couple days later the meteor shower was peaking and I live about an hour and a half away from Mt. St Helens so I drove up around 4 am. And sat in an empty parking lot, just above the clouds and the sun just coming up above the horizon.

    I smoked 2 bowls and hiked to a viewpoint by the time I got there had a complete shift in my brain. A moment of zen, clarity, something, but it was probably the most perfect moment I could have had. By the time the sun was up and the tourists started pouring in, the high had worn off. And I took some more photos before heading home. I soon discovered the fun of sativas, especially with my camera, and my ability to use my mind. And it all transfers into everyday life. I now view the anxiety from weed as the peak on the rollercoaster.

    That moment your stomach drops. And I also love the relaxation of indicas, and my main routine after work, has been a bowl or two of a sativa when I get home.

    Before that day up at the mountain, I had a half a half gallon of Pendleton, a fifth of parrot bay 90 proof coconut rum, and an 18 pack of beer. It took me about a month to finish that. Since then, mid August maybe? I still like alcohol, but marijuana has improved every aspect of my life whereas alcohol was destroying it. Learning how to control and properly use something like pot, that I was so afraid of, correctly and responsibly, has really taught me a lot about controlling, and properly using alcohol.

    It has allowed me to set goals for once in my life, that are actually realistic. And I spend time sober thinking about them as well. Alcohol always made me a talker, and as someone who was very shy growing up, it was my coping mechanism. To break out of my shell. There is no shell. Like a computer crashing. All the data is gone. Some thought provoking stuff. But the sober me is a better person because of my use of pot. So really a lot of what I do is smoke alone, and maybe some would call it meditating, but I actually prefer to be alone when I smoke.

    My short answer is ask around about getting your hands on some high CBD stuff. Take a vacation to a legal state, find some way to get ahold of it. You can buy ointments, tinctures, edibles, sugar cubes, oils, waxes, vapes, sodas, even capsules. And it comes in every variety imagineable. While my drug education was based off of D. Smoked a bowl of Dirty Girl and half a bowl of some Blue Dream sativas as I typed this for the last hour. You can get the tincture on our site.

    Follow us on Facebook as well. Thanks and good luck! My mother is I take the flower down with a nutri bullet. I use a Sous Vide as I am a chef in the crock pot to keep the temp at a steady F. You can get them on Amazon.

    I believe its made by Dorkfood. Decarboxylation is an absolute necessary step if you are making this for recreational purposes. You will still end up with psychoactive cannabinoids without it, but in much much lower proportions than if proper steps are followed. Take note not to go too hot or too long or you will ruin your product. Safety is of upmost important on this step. There are alternatives that involve using high pressure to speed things up; I personally think using this in conjunction with heating separate steps, you need it close to room temp before pressure is added is the way to go.

    The only downside to steeping is that more chlorophyll is introduced into your tincture giving it an earthy taste and color. Vaping… this gets a little more complicated. In order to have a capable product you have to vastly reduce your alcohol content.

    You can also avoid alcohol completely by utilizing vegetable glycerine for your extraction; thc is not quite as soluble in vg and you will likely end up with a weaker tincture. There are premixed products on the market if you are uncomfortable figuring out proportions on your own. I would not recommend this for those unfamiliar with concepts of both tincture making, e juice making, and a rudimentary understanding of lab safety. There are no shortage of resources available for tips and tricks on how to properly make this stuff.

    Good luck to all! I have some old bud trim from last year. Do I still need to decarboxylate the trim? I was told that over time the maryjuana decarboxylates naturally. How do add flavors to my tincture. At the moment all I get is the everclear and the burning part. But I see on line that these Corporation are making them with all these flavors at a high dosage…. In the tinctures I have seen made and consumed, finely ground hard candies were added.

    Now we use flavoring extracts too since the hard candy dissolves differently each time. The extracts we get are usually in the cake decorating section at hobby stores near the frosting stuff. The everclear burn is too much for me and my mouth feels like raw hamburger afterwards. I put a dose of tincture in a shot glass and depending on the flavor made, I add juice or soda and fill the shot the rest of the way up. Drink it down, then fill the shot glass again for any remaining tincture residue.

    I start feeling it around 15 minutes and I would guess full effects after an hour. It helps a little. I use an e-cig so have just tossed flavorings in tinctures. I usually put a mLs of tincture in a bottle for use over a day or two and put a few drops of flavoring in that. During extraction step the everclear step substitute extracts for everclear. Dosage is easy to figure out if you know all the info about your bud.

    In a 30mL bottle, that gives you about 3. Regulated dosage is 10mg THC. I recently received my medical card for my several chronic pain issues and it was recommended I try a tincture. For one I dont seem to get any relief when I use it. Secondly it burns like a mother when i drop it under my tongue.

    It doesnt help that I think it tastes like bong water. Is the taste and burning normal for tinctures? Are there recommended strains with low THC for pain like fibromyalgia?

    The taste and burn is normal for tincture. I usually put my tincture in a soda or an ice tea. I have also put it in hot tea before. Anything that masks the taste really. I can always taste the tincture in a drink but it doesnt taste bad, like dropping it under your tongue.

    Put your tincture in a drink, but I use just a shot glass of Mt. Dew or apple juice. Those seem to mask the taste the best for me. Once I drink the shot glass, i refill the glass with more soda or juice to get remaining tincture and drink one more time.

    Then just a couple gulps of the rest of the soda. Gosh I guess I got lucky my girlfriend got me one as a gift because my rsd has been horrible and it tastes great… wish I could get more.

    We have the use of the NOVA machine so just wondering what recipe you might suggest to make a tincture. Is it possible to make a tincture using only glycerin vs alcohol or Everclear?

    Looking for pain relief with no high. We have been purchasing your MOTA made with glycerin which was perfect but you have discontinued that and the new product is Would really appreciate your help! Make a much stronger tincture as i described twice before so you can use mere drops of tincture ibstead of multiple milliliters of tincture.

    It does take a little longer to make. For ny very strong tinctures wherw each ml holds mg cannabinoids then Everclear is the ONLY way to go. Please see my recipe above. You CAN use vodka also. We actually had to switch to Vodka for the kid, he was enjoying the everclear too much. One or 2 droppers of alcohol in juice won;t hurt your daughter.

    Follow the dosing instructions in the article. I highly recommend this for your daughter. I love tincture but keep in mind that you need to use a lot more cannabis than you would if you were smoking or vaping it. The two main processes that create consumable THC here are the decarbox process and the stripping of the THC with alcohol. If you screw up the decarbox process you end up with either a burning off some or a lot of the THC during the heating process, or b not activating all of the THC in the cannibis.

    If you use too much alcohol volume , you end up with a very weak end product. If you use too little alcohol or not strong alcohol, you may not strip off all of the THC. Also during the exchange process moving the cannabis from container to container, you will inevitably lose some product there as well. During the filtering step, you inevitably lose some as well. And because no one mentioned here, including the author of the article — be super careful working with everclear or high potency alcohol… it is combustible and will explode or catch fire if it is near a flame some of these recipes include heating to degrees — very close to the vaporization temp for alcohol.

    Working with alcohol near a flame is a fire hazard. Final caution is that when you decarbox your place will smell like the DJ booth in a reggae club. Yes you can use proof. If you use make your tincture then evaporate until no liquids are left. Then you have RSO rick Simpson oil. After that you add exactly how much proof you want and its done. Im making my first batch of tincture. I want to use something that tastes good. THC is not soluble in water.

    Once you extract the THC into the alcohol and remove the plant material, then you can add other things to improve the flavor. If you add sugar or candy you will have an easier time consuming tincture. Give the Nova a skip until they come out with a version without an aluminum cannister. Is it possible to make the tincture with marijuana or some other plant that gets you high? I assume it is. Hi all I just made my first batch, when the product is strained into a jar, the recipes call to seal the jar and let sit.

    You can allow the alcohol to evaporate abd make a stronger tincture. Can make a super potent tincture in tge first place as i described above. This way each drop of the tincture has 2.

    Need the alcohol for the extraction. After its strained, you can evaporate some of it and see what happens. Most ppl just dilute it in juice or something to deal with the strong taste. Let us know how your evaporation process works. I decarb my weed at for about 45 minutes. Then put in a Mason jar and add everclear just over the top of however much I decarb. I put the Mason jar in degrees water bath for 20 minutes Strain and put in a small amber Mason jar..

    If the alcohol evaporates before that is completed you lose potency because you have less THC. Best quality, quantitative, safest method proven in a lab with gas chromatography by Pharmacepia Italy.

    Use a water bath and know about decarbing before you do it. Be careful no to burn off the terpenes you are looking for. Caryophyllene boils at deg F.

    If your method creates any smell, you are burning off Terpenes. This method uses Olive Oil. Everclear is made from Corn. So all ingredients upto and around the vapour point of these nasty chemicals are being sprayed into the surrounding neighbourhoods. If they are using a direct fire and not a bath like the method above, some water and all the chemicals will be in the vapour in small amounts. So while I agree with what you say, without seeing the process or doing a chemical analysis of ever clear I choose to use the safer method of using olive oil.

    I know one person who adds some VG to her tinctures, and it really does lessen the burn. Sometimes flavors are added too. I just started using The Magic Butter Machine and ran a whole batch of tincture through it with everclear. How do you live with that alcohol burning sensation under the tongue??? Raw honey, although keeping it mixed is a pain. I use raw honey and coconut oil infused with marijuana.

    Havent had any issues with separation and I do not use Lecithin. Lecithin has good fats that thc will bind with. Fats are your delivery system.

    Add lecithin if you want your edibles to be more potent. Put it in the freezer. It wilk never freeze if it is high in alcohol like everclear and being ice cold takes the bite out of everclear. You can also make jello shots with it. I have MB as well. I am told that using distilled water prior to ethanol and heat extraction will remove the chlorophyll. Frankly I believe the chlorophyll and other terpenes do have a bit of a taste….

    Yikes I know what you mean, the burning is terrible from the Everclear. Cranberry juice, regular or light. Drink the juice and let it sit on your tongue for a bit before swallowing. What I do with making tincture is put the ground up decarboxylated flower in the jar and fill it to the top, packed in to the top of the jar, and Then fill with the alcohol.

    I put it in a brown paper bag in the closet. Shake it everyday for 3 months and its almost done, strain with cheesecloth lined strainer and then your done. Put in BROWN bottles, as its important to protect it from light, the strength of the cannabinoids deteriorate in light. Super easy to make and effective. With the un-decarboxylated tincture, his seizures were reduced to per day.

    I taught them how to make it themselves and got them growing their own now too. Son is doing well. I hope that helps, glad to assist in ANY way. I also make salve and it works quite well. This may be the last yr I grow its such a pain in the ass. Someone HAS to be here at all times. I wish there were a way to PM you and get your email, I could send directions on salve too. Hello I just read your post on leafy. Thanks for the info it is a blessing to find someone who is willing to share truthful info without a price tag.

    I have been looking for different means to help treat my elderly family member who suffers from chronic pain due to bone cancer. As an alternative to becoming addicted to norco, I have suggested using salves and oils to help alleviate the pain.

    If you could be so kind as to post directions on salve, I would greatly appreciate it. Any and all info shared is a blessing. I am sorry to hear about your relative, its hard to watch them suffer so. Salve has been a God send for me. Strain both oils thru a cheesecloth lined strainer and set aside, protecting from light.

    Or the Avocado oil, OR grapeseed oil, both have a higher break point, but more expensive. I wish you luck and let me know how it turns out. I go thru it like crazy, my friends line up for it. It soaks in quickly along with all those good herbs. Wish there was a place to sell leaf or trim for this purpose, but like you said, most are in for the profit not the benefits.

    My first batch cost about 35 for all the ingreds, but I have enough now to make lots. You can find containers here https: Amazon has them too. You said you were an RN. HI Erin, Has he ever tried vaping? Not real fancy, but it may be an option.

    I would be happy to help in any way I can, but need more info. Good luck with the gummies, sounds good. Did you need the recipe for the salve? Its super easy to make and my friends keep coming back for more, and I think it works very well for pain.. Melt beeswax in double boiler, once melted add shea butter and melt.

    Add inifused oil and remove from heat and add essential oils lemon balm and lavender essential oil drops each have containers ready and pour into oz containers, let cool. Good luck, let me know how it goes. Hi I would love to know about making the salve too.

    I have arthritis and I am too young for this constant pain even when do nothing. ITs really super easy to do. If you have a crock pot it makes it easy to infuse your oil. Once you infuse your oil, I uses this ratio. This will make about 5 2oz containers. The orig recipe uses less shea and wax but it was way too oily and goopy for me.

    IT seems to absorb better w. Ill try to put up the Pin where I got the orig recipe. Best wishes and hope it helps. Its nice to rub on your hands after gardening too. Absorbs best right after the shower. So the lemon extract is proof? Just about as strong as everclear.. I am looking forward to trying this. Okay, I want to treat Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia.

    I just made a batch of tincture with Everclear using 32 grams of high quality flower buds and mls of Everclear. I used 15 grams of flower harvested late for a high CBD content, and 17 grams of flower buds harvested early for a high THC content. I just put it in the freezer yesterday and will wait a few weeks.

    I want to know more about the proportions — how much bud to how much Everclear? And a few years ago when my husband and I were in Amsterdam, we split a Cannabis Brownie. My husband got really high, me? When I make tincture I use trim, the sugar leaf My understanding is that it has higher CBD than the bud, but thats just what I read, not here so I use the trim for tincture with really great results.. As for proportions, I fill a large canning jar with the trim, half gal and then fill to cover the plant matter with with vodka or everclear.

    Then put it in a dark place in brown paper bag and let it marinate for months. Be sure and date the top…lol Protected from light and shake it every few days I dont grind it, as its already without stems, and fine enough. If you dicarboxylate your canna first, it can activate the THC converts thc-a to thc more cerebral effect rather than just the CBD. You may not be ingesting high enough dosage of THC to get the cerebral effects your looking for with a high tolerance, you can try increasing the dose slightly until you find a dose that works.

    I had that once, but got over it with juicing daily, good nutrition and anti inflammatory diet, if you havent tried that yet. It takes allot of patience to get thru it all.

    I just made my first batch using the master wu recipe with the water bath method. However,I just realized I made a big error, need to know how to fix it. I used 8x the alcohol! Instead of 2 oz, I did It seems it would take quite some time to cook off the extra liquid.

    I do have enough to nearly double it. Get the Nova or Lift Decarboxylator by Ardent! Why they would do this is beyond me, especially when the fixed liner within is made of stainless steel: I expect more from a company that is making devices intended to be used by medical users the Lift is supposedly for recreational users, but according to the company is exactly the same as the Nova…. Huge waste of money. Why not line it with parchment paper then? Also, the Nova and Lift are the same thing.

    After that all you need is a double boiler; add the plant material and butter and simmer at around degrees F for 1 hr; stirring every 15 minutes; cool, strain, and ready to use for any of your favorite receipts that require butter. Save your money on the devices. I fill a mason jar with shake, then fill to the top with the alcohol.

    Tincutre turns out quite well. All depends on how strong you want it. My very first time using cannabis was in a Rum based tincture. But i came back to tibctures. Each drop has 2. I microdose because i hate being high. Another reasin i make my tinctures so potent is that alcohol is dangerous to the liver and brain cells. So i consume the least alcohol possible. Make a hot cup of coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, or even a hot piece of bread. Add my drops of tincture and theres an instant edible.

    It can be so confusing. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks for the information, appreciate it. Never tried tincture or pills, only smoked it, but since that is all our state of Florida allows, right now….

    I once tried the method of gently heating my tincture in a water bath, nothing was touching the surface of the pot I was using. Scared the living hell out of me. Now I understand why people are critical of Leafly itself….. The Nova is still a piece of junk until Ardent redesigns it.

    No amount of comment-removal will change that. Removing critical, legitimate comments just ensures that more charlatans in this new industry are going to be ripping people off.

    I have a problem with the decarbox process because of the odor issue. Is there any way to do the infusion first and then decarbox the tincture afterwards i. If anybody knows of one with a lab grade glass or a stainless steel canister, please let me know. Also, the comment about Everclear being made from corn and GMO is somewhat unclear. Otherwise, what else is the next best thing besides just proof vodka? You can have tincture so strong that 9 drops has 25 mg cannabinoids or so weak you have to drink 90 mls 2 shots to get tye same dose.

    I followed the Modern recipe. I used just enough alcohol to cover the plant matter. If you are interested in growing your own I recommend buying seeds from Seedsman. They have a large selection of high CBD varieties and ship to nearly everywhere. To be honest, this is a really simple recipe. Just like making a regular herbal tincture , all you really need is plant material a high CBD cannabis variety in this case, we like to use Harlequin or ACDC and a high proof neutral spirit like vodka.

    For an alcohol free tincture vegetable glycerine can be used instead of the spirits. Before making this tincture, the first step is to decarboxylate the buds which will help to make the CBD more bioavailable.

    Once the buds have been decarboxylated, put them into jar. I used a pint jar, but it all depends on how much cannabis you have access to and how much tincture you want to make. Fill the jar with vodka, making sure to cover all of the buds. Cover the jar with a lid and put it in a cool and dark place to infuse for at least 6 weeks. The homemade CBD tincture will be a green-brown color after infusing and will be very potent! Strain out the buds before using. I find it convenient to store the finished tincture in dropper bottles , and it makes it easier for dosing as well.

    CBD is best known for its pain relieving and inflammation reducing benefits, but it can also help with sleep issues, depression, anxiety, and nausea, to name a few.

    How to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Quick Guide for Beginners

    Choosing a specific stain can affect the potency and after effects of a Making your own CBD tincture will allow you to. Looking for full control over the potency of your CBD tincture? Here's how you can easily make your own at home. Slide 1 of 7. Amy and Luc Charnay of Sonoma County are among the growing number of locals who make cannabis tinctures for their own.

    How to Dose and Use Cannabis Tinctures



    Choosing a specific stain can affect the potency and after effects of a Making your own CBD tincture will allow you to.


    Looking for full control over the potency of your CBD tincture? Here's how you can easily make your own at home.


    Slide 1 of 7. Amy and Luc Charnay of Sonoma County are among the growing number of locals who make cannabis tinctures for their own.


    There are several ways to make your own CBD tincture, but almost all of them involve high-proof.


    To make your own CBD oil, keep in mind the methods that will be Tinctures: It is known for its purity, which is the reason why it is the most.


    The process of making your own cannabis tincture can become very personalized. With some trial, you'll be able to find the perfect marijuana tincture for you.

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