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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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What CBC Is and Its Effects




  • Learn How to Make Cannabutter from Scratch (Step by Step)
  • How to make cannabutter in 7 steps:
  • Cannabis-infused butter (or "cannabutter") is one of the most common ways to make edibles. Use our simple and effective recipe to help you make your own. This is an easy, quick way to infuse cannabis into butter on your stove top. Be sure to use salted butter since it has a higher smoke point, and don’t leave your saucepan unattended! You can make this cannabutter relatively quickly, and use it in any of the recipes in the High. In general, you do not need a huge amount of cannabis to create the punch you are looking for. Check out this cannabutter recipe to get an.


    I need to get off mine cuz they make my IBS bad. Make th3 pills go away. You need to move someplace where pot is legal or you can get it medically. I was using vast amounts of opiates for pain until I discovered how effective cannabis was. The cannabis even treated most of the nasty opiate withdrawal not all… my doctor helped.

    Butter and Coconut oil are complex mixtures of hundreds of different fats. The different oils have completely different compositions. Some fats have been shown to be beneficial, others detrimental. The question of which is healthier is usually about a particular individuals metabolism related to each fat. Having said all that, both contain some unpleasant fats with known deleterious effects.

    It is pretty safe to say that using either in excess is not a good idea, but moderation should make them safer. Old dietary science told us to eat margarine instead. But now we are much more aware of how bad that manufactured fat is and how healthy real butter is. If so should I add a cup of water to make sure of no burn?? How do you make tincture with the discarded weed from the dry vape? Happy New Year to everyone. Not meaning to sound stupid although that is totally true with this topic, since I have always bought the product , but how do you make tinture?

    Exactly what it says on my watch. And what, pray tell, does your watch say? Have you no watch, you wretched wretch? To make the tincture: Add the well-ground, decarboxylated cannabis into a jar Add your alcohol until the cannabis is covered Store it in a cool, dark corner somewhere for a few weeks, shaking the jar once each day to help the cannabinoids absorb Once the tincture starts to turn dark green, the cannabinoids have been absorbed and all plant matter can be strained from the alcohol After straining, simply add to an opaque dropper bottle and use as needed.

    I was about to ask this question before I read the comments, do you have to use milk or can you just use water like regular tea? Since it was already made with butter would you need to add more butter? I would think using water would be OK, or water then add some cream or half and half….

    The goody in pot is oil soluble not water soluble. So it is released into the fat and there is nothing much left in the vegetable matter after so long. It would decarb the plant material tho, i believe mark just ate the stems after they were activated by boiling water.

    Just go for it buddy! Chai is the best! I often add a teaspoon on butter to hot chai and then top it with whipped cream and cinnamon.. Then I decarb about 35 minutes at degrees. The THC is activated so do I really need to take all day and make the butter? If you are say using an ounce of flower and turning it into cannabutter why the f would you consider eating half a lb of that butter in a sitting? You only will get so body high and you are going to end up just wasting so much for no reason at all.

    With an lb of cannabutter you can literally make 64 cookies at two tablespoons a cookie and have yourself a five to six hour high. So lets do some science. Two highs eating half a lb of butter lasting about hours total or cookie doses, each lasting about hours? As for the tea after. This is the only reason you could make any tea. NOT a pound…dunno where you got that idea. Both weed and butter have a good shelf life if you treat it right.

    Just keep it refrigerated in something air-tight. This way you could either add no water directly to the butter or add only a couple table spoons just as a precaution.

    I tried making the recipe, slow cooker. I put an ounce of weed, 4 sticks of salted butter and two cups of water. I kept it in my crockpot for 18 hours I had to stop because the smell was awful.

    I strained it using a cheese cloth, and put it in the fridge. I am not sure if my refrigerator is too cold or what, but nothing is separating!! It looks like green mush. What do I do?! Also, if i use hash, can i use coconut oil instead of butter in the slow cooker? If you want to cook with cannabis or marijuana, and you want to know how much butter you should use for a certain amount of cannabis, then you can use this calculator.

    Or if you want to know how strong the cannabutter will be or if you want to know how much flower or cannabis you should use, then you can use this calculator. The double boiler is good to keep it all under control.

    I use what comes out of my vaporizer and like to infuse olive oil…. About 5 years ago, I made up several liters and gave it as Christmas presents. I also use coconut oil, both make excellent edibles oil for cookies and brownies and butter for toast, bread, potato..

    They buy Ghee instead of making it. Thus the higher cost of them buying it. Ghee is clarified butter, you can make it from unsalted butter but it takes a lot of time think half an hour of constant stirring over low heat then skimming the separated fat which is ghee.. If you ever make it to Oregon, we got your Ghee: Ghee or clarified butter is the best option for making cannabutter as it increases the shelf life and tastes better. How much to 1 cup or even 1 lbs of butter? It depends how strong you want it.

    Best way is decide how many servings you want, then multiple that by your usual dose Mix it with the oil or butter before adding to the recipe. I put it in my home made granola bars it still has some punch left in it. Guys, I am a newb. I am undergoing cancer treatments and need this in my mouth like yesterday. Anyone want to slow this all down and tell me how much to buy, how to grind it, how much to put into a batch of brownies.. All of the things.

    How much to buy — how many brownies are you going to make? How strong do you want them to be? An once of bud, maybe? Grind it a food processor or a hand pot grinder. Otherwise, add the ground up bud directly to the batter. Am I doing something wrong? I squeeze the cheesecloth out even press it out with a rolling pin…. Since butter is not pure milk fat and has some milk in it I would imagine some of is part of the water.

    Take the leftover material and make a tincture. That really cleans it up. Im planning on only using quarter ounce of weed and cooking in a slow cooker on low. Does that mean I should quarter the amount of butter and water? What about the cooking time? Should I quarter that as well? Is it possible to over cook cannabutter? It is a long labour intensive process and you need to clear hours. I left my butter overnight, but not for the 24 hours suggested.

    I did it in a crockpot on low. I doubled all the ingredients. Now it seems to be burnt and is dark brown. Any suggestions for next time? A real name-brand slow-cooker holds temp steady. Typically my consumption is only a couple grams a week tops. Leaf is fine, some say and I agree, its better in the alcohol.

    Its a most benevolent and generous plant treated nicely. The stuff that falls off the nug and is loose. Most dispensaries sell shake cheap. I pick up an ounce for 40 bucks. I am a total newbie at this, and would appreciate some help. Is it possible to mix butter with concentrated pure cannabis oil?

    And would it too be psyhoactive? Thank you very much in advance! This opens up a whole new world for me that I have only briefly thought about but not vigorously pursue … but now that I know …. Use the cheese cloth to line a metal strainer. Pour butter through, going slowly as it may take time to drain. I found a very fine metal strainer on Amazon for making cold coffee.

    No need for cheese cloth; the strainer is so fine it gets all the vegetable matter out of the fat. BTW, eating pot is the best and healthiest way of ingesting cannabis, not smoking or vaping. Any tiny amounts of solids separate and go to the bottom of the container.

    Just pour off the oil from the top if one is that fussy. These strainers are exceptionally fine. One has a screen that is micron mesh. Not much but the oil gets through.

    In a baked goods, no, because the temperature of the bake good never gets that hot except maybe at the edges. If used for roasting veggies at higher temp, a good portion of THC may be lost. You aint No Fucking expert if you are tossing.

    I have no idea how this fool is talking about adding water. The water is to prevent scorching. The water does nothing since the THC is fat soluble. So do you even understand science? The butter should be green not yellow as shown on the picture. I live in an enclosed condo and am concerned about the smell of making canibutter. My medicine has a strong oder.

    Any thought or suggestions? AIr fresheners, windows, enclosed area for the butter, start in the evening so the worst of the smell is in the middle of the night. I made my first batch of cannabutter.

    I have it in the fridg. Very bad taste with no benefit with use, even doubled, nothing, Oh well try try again. I am surprised that there is no recommendation for decarboxylation before making the butter. Every time I have decarbbed my weed beforehand I get a much more potent batch. Hi, I am new to cannabis. I have suffered all my life with celiac, gluten intolerance, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, narcotics seem to be my only hope of feeling mildly better,.

    I have been very tentative about cannabis. I have tried a vape, I have bought jelly candies and peanut butter. I think my fear is keeping me from jumping in with both feet. Can you tell me how and what to use to stop this sore skin, bone aching, Headachy feeling? Also, if you really want to make sure you jump in, buy a Volcano balloon vaporizer. The first was chocolate chip cookies that we would take to Disneyland, as no one suspected cookies in a snack bag at the happiest place on earth.

    The second recipe is still amazing. Back then no one we knew was doing it this way. Well if it didnt work. U did a mistake somewhere. Did this recipe lot of time and it always work. But sometime the potency of the final product may vary a lot.

    No need to add water, just let it soak in the oil for longer. I do it for 24 hours. Or your flowers are bunk. If i froze the cookies dough and baked them as needed, would the freezing process affect the potency? Asking for a friend. This is a totally different article, recipe and instructions for butter than I read on leafly last year.

    The old one worked fine for me. I keep reading about making cannabutter using the MBM2 and other devices that use no water. I f you could see what the water looks and smells like after separating from the butter, you wouldnt either. All of the water soluable never was much of a speller chemicals, fertilizer, fungi, bug droppings and most of the chlorophyl will stay in the water, leaving the finished butter devoid of such nastiness.

    Without water, all of that ncrap remains in the finished product …… EEEEwwwwww! My plants are in the second week of flower, and I just trimmed about 8 oz. Would this be strong enough? If not, any suggestions on what to do with it? I believe Rival does the same. Im trying all this for the 1st time ever …. I have decarbed my weed….. Ground up my weed course and poured it in the melted butter.

    Its on the stove…. Lid on or Off? Q What will it look like when its done and ready to strain?? The recipe in Part 1 How to Make Cannabis Infused Butter says to add 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of bud decarbed.

    Strain through cheesecloth into a jar. When and how do I separate the water from the butter? Should I strain into a bowl or tupperware and put in the fridge so the butter solidifies and separates at that point? Also for grinding the herb can I use a nice metal grinder you buy from dispensaries or do I need to buy 1 specifically for grinding cooking herbs? Oven decarb just needlessly pre-vapes your weed. Decarboxylation happens within the medium of the oil or butter while cooking, and the vapours get trapped in the medium.

    Without a matrix to contain the vapours, they are lost to the air. Surely some troll somewhere is laughing. So I noticed a lot of debate over what fat products butter, lard,coconut oil,ect.

    What type of food do most people make with cannabutter? Content failed to load. Country United States Canada. Sorry, you're not old enough to visit Leafly. Sorry, Leafly isn't available in your location yet. Leafly has updated Terms of Use. I agree to Leafly's Terms of Use. To continue, please check the box above. Our team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all corners of the market, from growing and retail, to science and medicine, to data and technology.

    Trickle-down Pentagon war-porno tech? Lawls, keep that tinfoil hat on. Never noticed any intoxicating effects myself. Thank you for the advise. THC is not water soluble. Poppies have opium, not heroin. Someone must have hit a nerve. And what is heroin made from? The short answer is the resin of poppy plants.

    So if A Flat gets high does that make them an A Natural? Where do you get poppy flowers? How soon after trimming can I use the trim? Why not just leave it on and finish the next day?

    The longer it simmers the better…. Really … just using reggy? Alicia Lynn was that green or cured stems you used to do that with? Aw, you got snubbed at a party. PMB52 do you need to strain in cheese cloth still?

    Can you use coconut oil instead of butter? How much coconut oil do you use? The same amount as butter. Can you mix coconut butter and butter? Just curious if I could go half and half?

    Lard has less saturated fat than butter or coconut oil. But yes, lard, butter, and coconut oil are all pretty unhealthy overall. I have been opiate free for a few years now. Coconut oil is easy to burn. You can also tincture it. There is a LOT of good resin left in that. The exact same way you make every other tincture. Do you still need to bake the flower first if doing this crockpot method? Yes always decarb the weed first. T HC is not water soluble, you need some fat or alcohol.. How much coconut oil in place of butter?

    Cut the amount of butter you use in half and you should be fine. Has anyone tried using Ghee? I would think Ghee would be a great choice. Who needs to increase shelf life? Be honest bud the spud. If salted butter is used does it affect the outcome? Do I need to dry the weed for this recipe or use fresh? I used the low setting. If it gets up to is it ruined? How do i seperate the butter from the product with a cheese cloth?

    I was thinking of making a weed pesto with the left overs. Can you freeze cannabutter? I have been Making potent butter for thirty years it is always green or brown never yellow. Actually I use peanut oil unless Im going to bake sith it. Does the longer cooking time take care of the decarboxlation or do you have to do that first. Anybody ever try making butter in a sous vide? Do a web search.

    I followed these directions exactly, and I mean exactly, and got… butter. This article should be removed. You forgot the water. Can I use my leaves if they have a bit of mold. If using shake do you still need to decarb?? In fact, it will allow you to use both the buds and the dried trim if you grow your own medicine and make your friends happier in the process.

    If you want to make your own cannabis-infused meals, knowing how to make weed butter is a must. Edibles come in many forms, such as cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins, chocolate bars, and, of course, butter.

    Weed butter is an essential ingredient in many cannabis edibles, due to its nature of being easily mixable. Cannabutter is made through a process called extraction, during which the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are juiced out of the plant and then infused with other ingredients such as dairy butter or coconut oil.

    Cannabutter is one of the most potent and highly concentrated forms of medical marijuana, so dosing it can be tricky. Keep in mind that the math will be different if the specific cannabis strain you are using has more THC. In Canada and other places where cannabis is legally sold the amount of THC is labeled on the packaging.

    Here is how you determine the right proportions for your cannabutter. One gram of cannabis has mg one thousand milligrams , which means that, in our case, it contains mg of THC. When smoking a joint, you usually roll up anywhere between a half and a whole gram, and you share that joint with people, which would indicate that mg is enough to satisfy people easily — or milligrams of THC per person. According to that, once you mix it with the butter you could make portions for casual users, or light portions.

    This is especially important because later on when you make edibles you will have to carefully measure how much you put in your food. A pound of cannabutter is enough to keep you at least for two weeks, and in that time you should be able to bake at least two or three types of brownies , cookies or whatever you like. Just let us know where to send it takes 5 seconds. Send me the cookbook. Since the legalization of cannabis started around the world, weed butter is primarily used as just another way of consuming both medical and recreational cannabis.

    Since cannabutter can easily replace any other type of butter in any dish, its gastronomical limits are basically unknown. Properly dosed weed butter can give the user a very nice and smooth high, which is why so many people prefer consuming cannabis this way.

    I have to pull out the old cookbook excuse and say that you should pick a strain you personally like the most. When it comes down to which parts of the plant you can use, always have in mind that you can use both the buds and the rest of the plant, depending on how strong you want the butter to be. The strongest psychoactive effects are actually achieved both by heating the plant and by letting it age and dry longer.

    Decarbing means that cannabis is thermally treated in order for weed to release the utmost amount of THC and other cannabinoids.

    As you can see on the chart above, the best way to reach the desired amount of THC is by following the curve. Baking the buds on a high temperature for a shorter period of time has proven to be more effective than baking them for a bit longer on a lower temperature.

    Either one is a good choice if you have something that stops you from taking the other. For example, you might be lactose intolerant so you decide to go with coconut oil. While those two are favorites for the best additive, most recipes heavily rely on water being one of the main ingredients for preparing weed butter.

    When making cannabutter with water, chlorophyll is leached much more efficiently than when making it with butter or oil only. This results in the butter having a far weaker taste and smell. The smell and taste of cannabis will still be there, but at a far lower level that you would expect.

    The extra moisture makes it more susceptible to mold than waterless cannabutter. However, this type of cannabutter is far easier to be frozen and saved in a freezer for months, all the while not losing any of its potency over time. This type of cannabutter has far less plant residue and for two main reasons: Experienced cannabis user, interested in the latest cannabis news, stock market updates and cannabis culture.

    I made the butter without water and stored it in my fridge. I took a little of it and made simple household chocolate cookies. I got to say to consistency and especially the taste of the particular strain to chose is just unbeatable. Anyway, thanks for the helpful tutorial!

    I made something similar before reading this, using coconut oil, Very finely ground flowers ground in a coffee grinder, cooked a much shorter time at low heat, and mixed with manuka honey, baking soda, sativa hemp oil, CBD oil, and NO water, never strained.

    Refrigerated it right away, about a week and a half ago. How long do you think it will last? Should I freeze some of it? I do not do the decarbing, never tried doing it. I use the butter to make jolly rancher type candy. I also make oil using either vegetable or cannola oil and follow the same recipe except no water and I simmer for 3 hours and make changes to weed amounts according to the ounces of oil.

    I usually make 64 ounces of oil at a time. I make cookies with the oil.

    Learn How to Make Cannabutter from Scratch (Step by Step)

    We will show you that you will get the best experience by learning how to make strong cannabutter. You will find that cooking cannabis butter is incredibly easy. But for the most part, knowing how to make cannabis butter is important as it's the starting point for most cannabis recipes. (Stay tuned for future. Everything you need to know to make the best cannabutter. But every once in awhile it's also a blast to make your own cannabis edibles.

    How to make cannabutter in 7 steps:



    We will show you that you will get the best experience by learning how to make strong cannabutter. You will find that cooking cannabis butter is incredibly easy.


    But for the most part, knowing how to make cannabis butter is important as it's the starting point for most cannabis recipes. (Stay tuned for future.


    Everything you need to know to make the best cannabutter. But every once in awhile it's also a blast to make your own cannabis edibles.


    Cooking cannabutter via the simmer method over low and slow heat is crucial, because it will fully activate the THC and slowly infuse the fat.


    Learn how to make cannabutter. Here's the best cannabis-infused butter recipe in America, by chef Laurie Wolf, with info on THC dosage and.


    It's no secret that knowing how to make cannabutter gives you a new, interesting way of consuming cannabis. In fact, it will allow you to use.

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